Zen Sounds offers state of the art Sound Engineering Service for your stage shows involving music, dance, speech etc. on live stage.

We offer excellent package deals for various occasions like Birthday parties, Anniversaries, various cultural functions and celebrations. 
We provide high sound quality microphones, speakers, and can also  play your favorite tunes from CD, MP3 and cassette formats.
The following high-efficiency equipments are used for your shows
• Audio Technica Chordless Mics
• Shure SM 58, SM 57,  Sennheiser, Samson & Nady Dynamic Mics
• Digital Reference Drum Mics
• Yamaha Pro Mix 01 16 Channel Digital Mixer
• QSC 2450, Crown XS 500, Mackie FR 2500 Power Amplifiers
• Yamaha PA House 15" two-way and JBL SRX 725 3-way cabinet speakers
• JBL 12" PA Stage Monitors
• SABINE Feedback exterminators
• Philips and Sony Audio CD Player/Recorder
• Onkyo Dual Deck Cassette Player
• Sony Mini Disk Player
Please contact Gopal Ven at 248-895-7773 for free estimates.