करुणासागरकहतेहैंलोगतुम्हें !

“Ocean of compassion”, say the people, about you!

(A devotional song lyrics, praying to the Lord Almighty to protect us in these times of the pandemic and a PSA to stay safer, stronger and have the faith and hope to emerge successfully out of this situation. )

करुणा सागर कहते हैं लोग तुम्हें;

करोना हमारी सुरक्षा, हे भगवान !

मानना है तुमही शरण हमारी,

प्रार्थना है तुम्हारी आशीर्वाद की !

“Ocean of compassion”, say the people, about you!

Please provide us the protection, O God!

we believe that you are our only refuge,

our prayer is to receive your Divine Blessings!

कोरोना रोग जैसे एक घोर महामारी को

करना है सामना एक साथ मिलकर;

कहना है इसे दूर रह कर ही

जीतना है हमें एक जंग लड़कर

A pandemic like the cruel corona disease

will have to be faced with unity, amongst us;

We hear that only by staying far away from it,

we can win against it, fighting a war!

करुणा सागर कहते हैं लोग तुम्हें,

करोना हमारी सुरक्षा, हे भगवान !

कोरोना से बचकर रहना मुश्किल, लेकिन,

ना मुमकिन नहीं है,मान लो मेरी यारों!

धोना हैअक्सर साबुन से हाथ; और

पहनना है एक नकाब ,मुख पर बांधकर

रहना है हरपल पराये से दूर; और

रोकना है इस संक्रमण को क्रूर फैलाव से;

सहना है इस परिस्थिति को हम जब तक

घोषणा सुनाई नहीं, टीका कोरोना की!

It is difficult to escape from the corona virus,

but not impossible, “Understand, O’ my friends “

hands must be washed often with soap;

wear a mask on your face;

stay every moment, farther away from others,

stop this infection from the deadly spread;

This situation will have to be endured until

we have not heard the announcement about the vaccine!

करुणा सागर कहते हैं लोग तुम्हें,

करोना हमारी सुरक्षा, हे भगवान !

डरना नहीं है इस स्थिति को देखकर;

उलझना नहीं है इस बात को सुनकर;

जीना है इसे हम जीतकर, जल्दी-जल्दी;

खोना नहीं है हमारी अनमोल आजादी;

पाना है हमारी संसार की शांति;

गाना है शीघ्र ही धुन कामयाब की !

Do not be afraid by analyzing this current situation,

do not get confused hearing about this in the news,

we will have to live by defeating it, very soon

we should not lose our precious freedom,

attain back and enjoy our world peace

singing, very soon, our melody of victory!

करुणा सागर कहते हैं लोग तुम्हें,

करोना हमारी सुरक्षा, हे भगवान !